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Memes describing the lovable shenanigans of Kate Beckett.
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Anonymous asked: I don't get the gun battle meme. Could you elaborate on it please?

Usually I would go more in depth with this but its late where I am and I’m at debate camp which means I’ve been debating all day on nothing but coffee and dry cereal so I’m going to make this pretty general…

actually its going to be really general…


IN ONE OF THE SEASONS (I think its either the first or second)

Meredith comes, and she calls Castle “kitten” Beckett makes fun of him about it for the rest of the episode by calling him that for the rest of the episode. At the end of the episode, Castle and Beckett go into this suspects house, and the murder shows up and starts shooting at them. Castle basically saves Beckett’s life because the guy starts shooting at them and he comes up with a witty way of catching him. 


at the end of the episode, castle says something about surviving his first gun battle, then Beckett throws a witty comeback at him, and castle gets really close to her (like really close) and whispers in her ear “you know what I really want, don’t you?” and Beckett gets all flustered and hes like “Never, ever, call me kitten”. But its really obvious that she thought that Castle was going to ask for a sexual favor. 


that ended up being way longer than it needed to be, and if anyone knows what that episode is called, you can let me know if you want!

beckett-luvs-her-goober asked: Tag! You’re it! The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to ten blogs and tell them that they are it.

1. I’m afraid of horses

2. I have a pet hedgehog

3. I’m a varsity policy debater

4. I want to be a surgeon 

5. I am absolutely love William and Catherine, I think they’re so cute!

6. I really don’y like to be touched, like I wont even let people hug me

7. I talk really, really fast

8. I have a twelve year old sister, who fangirls over castle with me and occasionally helps me with meme ideas

9. I work with the special needs students at my school

10. I was born in Manhattan